At KGT we believe management is about working closely with people to motivate and develop them in order to achieve the Company's goals. We also believe that an experienced yet open-minded management team is what provides a platform to instill qualities such as entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in every member of the Group.
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S.S. Rajkumar
Executive Chairman
  A qualified chartered accountant and a Finance Professional, he had his career in leading multinational corporations in India, UK and the UAE. His entrepreneurship skills and his passion for business laid the foundation for KGT Group. His vision in the early 1980ís has taken wings from being a trading house to a leading corporate in the region. Known for his leadership and management skills, he takes a local as well global point of view.
Today KGT enterprise is transnational with direct presence in several countries and holds the record for achieving several feats at the regional and global level.
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