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Reverse Logistics & Customer Care

With increasing consumer dependence on the "always-on" availability of their digital devices, efficient and quick customer care and repair solutions are essential to the success of any brand.


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Our Expertise

Highly Scalable Network
A highly scalable reverse logistics network connecting more manufacturers with more retailers than any other entity in the region guarantees maximum consumer convenience and minimum Turn Around Time (TAT)
Real-time Stock Visibility
Customer service module within the Technocare's proprietary Prodigy platform coupled with the Technocare extensive retail network and RFID enabled fleet, provides Vendors, Retailers and Consumers with end-to-end real time visibility of all defective units in the pipeline
Managed Service Points
Managed service points at key retail locations allow for convenient single visit service solutions
Years of Expertise
Over 10 years experience in L1/L2/L3/L4 repairs on telecom, digital products including CSP, Flip chips and BGA re-work areas
Largest Repair Organization
Best-in-class repair facilities that are ISO 9000/ 14000/ IEC standards certified and currently handle in excess of 500,000 repairs a year making Technocare the largest reverse logistics and repair organization in the region
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