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Forward Logistics & Fulfillment

In a market characterized by increasing points of sale, diverse product portfolios and fast eroding prices, the key to success is real time visibility of the stock in channel, as well as the ability to re-distribute efficiently according to the changing needs.


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Our Expertise

Extensive Retail Network
Extensive retail network throughout the GCC countries, and the ability to support up to 23 markets in the MEA region with 4PL fulfillment services
Proprietary Web-based Platform
GPS/RFID enabled fleet and WMS system integrated through Technocare's proprietary Prodigy web based platform
Paperless Process
Fully integrated system with customs and all major 3PLs ensure a highly efficient and paperless process
Vast Warehousing Facility
50,000 sq ft of customs bonded warehousing facilities in Dubai
Accurate Sell-out Information
Access to frequent and in some instances real-time sell-out information from most key retailers in the region
Stock Re-distribution
Sophisticated business intelligence and analytics module coupled with high frequency of retail network deliveries ensures seamless and cost effective re-distribution of stock in channel
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