At KGT we believe management is about working closely with people to motivate and develop them in order to achieve the Company's goals. We also believe that an experienced yet open-minded management team is what provides a platform to instill qualities such as entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in every member of the Group.
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Balakrishnan Manickam
Head Ė Group IT
  Bala heads the IT and software solutions development areas of KGT Group. He is a Masterís degree holder in Computer Applications with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology management and software solutions development areas. He is the chief architect of our patented PRODIGY business solutions software platform which enables the Sales & Distribution, Reverse logistics, Supply Chain and Product Life Cycle management business solutions of the group. His development team has put in more than 50,000 man hours to develop and optimize the regionís most advanced business solutions software platform integrates the Vendors, Operators, Key Retailers, 3PL partners and end user customers on various business areas.
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